Tech Transfer

Theses From Lab Members

Outlines of Various Lab Members Graduating Theses

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Quick Dicom Toolkit:

This easy to use Dicom medical imaging package for Mac OSX combines Quicklook, Spotlight, Quartz Composer, Window/Level and a Dicom file analyzer . It is released as open source.

Resolution MD

ResolutionMD: Developed in our lab, resolutionMD is a powerful image rendering device which allows high quality visualization of medical images possible on inexpensive workstations. The program is currently being commercialized by Calgary Scientific Incorporated.


AnalyzeNNLS is an analysis solution for MRI multiecho data – in particular quantitative T2 (qT2). Users can load images, window/level them, draw ROIs to create a decay, and generate a T2 distribution that depicts the underlying microstructure.